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Pix Firewall Memory issue


Got a quick question here. I'm having trouble overwriting a Pix "running config". I'm doing a "write erase" then a reboot. When I do a "show start" I'm getting nothing there but when I do a "show running config" I'm getting the config that I'm trying to get rid of again. Isn't a "write erase" supposed to kill both the "start" and "running"? The cisco documentation for this version of pix is to perform "copy start run" but I'm not able to do this command. When I "copy" ? to see the syntax it's expecting it doesn't show the command that I need. Which is either to copy the start to run or to erase the running config seperately. When I finally do a write mem it writes the old config back to what it was before. So there is no way for me to save the new config unless I have completely deleted the old "running config". I also tried this on identical hardwear and had the same results. Does anybody have any suggestions besides a baseball bat. Thanks.


pix 515 ver 6.31



Re: Pix Firewall Memory issue

After you do the wrote erase, and commnd it to reboot, it'sll ask something like "Configuration not saved, save it now?"

Answer "no" otherwise you just put the config back into NVRAM that you tried to erase.

Good Luck


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Re: Pix Firewall Memory issue

Thanks Scott. it basically gave me a [confrm] for the write erase and I pressed enter at this point and then entered a [confirm] for the reboot. I was thinking and I think that the write erase seems to be being performed becuase when I reboot I get put into Cisco's intial configuration. When I do a show "start" I'm getting the empty config but when I do a "show running" I'm seeing the older config after doing the restart. I was looking at the Cisco site and they recommended doing a copy run start but when I hit the copy command and "?" I'm not getting the syntax I need to perform this. Thanks for any help on this.


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