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Plan to Implement VLAN

Hello experts,

My network topology uses the ff: cisco devices:

Cisco ASA 5510 as my VPN and Firewall device, it goes to my Layer 3 Switch which is Cisco 4507R that connects all the Cisco 2950 Layer 2 devices. I have 4 subnet 10.223.12.x, 10.223.13.x, 10.223.14.x and 10.223.15.x. I want to implement VLAN's to priorities network traffic going to the Internet. Is this possible. If its possible, how can I do it and what is the exact VLAN configuration? I appreciate your expertly advice. Thank you.



Re: Plan to Implement VLAN


U can create 5 vlans or say 4 vlans and as u have said that u have four subnets u can assign each subnet for a vlan and place u r ASA in one the vlans or else i would create a vlan for it.

I didnt get u when u say u want to implement vlans to prioritize the traffic as vlans are used to divide the broadcast domains on the switches.



Re: Plan to Implement VLAN

what kind of rioritization you want

do you have a remote site ?

or you want give type of traffic priority over other when exit ASA outside interface ?

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Re: Plan to Implement VLAN

Hi, with the 4 subnet that I mentioned, is that mean I can create a maximum of 4 VLAN's and give one VLAN over the other priority (ex. HTTP traffic or IPSEC traffic). The default gateway for all the VLAN's will be the ASA. Is this possible. Thanks again.


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