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PLAR on FXS port


Problem: I have a analog door phone connected to a port in my FXS card in my 2911 gateway. The gateway is an MGCP gateway running on a CUCM BE ver. 7.1

The PLAR functionality is working and the expected IP phone is ringing but when i hang-up the IP phone the PLAR is still activated and the phone rings again and again and again.

How can i get the IP phone to terminate the call?

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Re: PLAR on FXS port

What PLAR connection are you using?
Try "connection plar opx".

You can set also a "supervisory disconnect" command under voice-port.

I use this configuration without problem:


voice class dualtone-detect-params 1
freq-max-deviation 25
freq-max-power 0
freq-min-power 13
freq-power-twist 4
cadence-variation 4
voice class custom-cptone UAE-CUSTOM-ALCATEL
dualtone disconnect
  frequency 425
  cadence 375 375


voice-port 1/0
supervisory disconnect dualtone mid-call
supervisory custom-cptone UAE-CUSTOM-ALCATEL
input gain -5
output attenuation 0
no non-linear
no vad
playout-delay nominal 100
playout-delay mode fixed
cptone IT
timeouts interdigit 5
timeouts call-disconnect 1
timeouts wait-release 1
timing guard-out 300
connection plar opx 502

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Re: PLAR on FXS port

i havn't done anything to the gateway except setting it up via MGCP and the CCM. The port is set as an POTS port and thats it. The door phone i an using is of an unknown manufacture.

I will try with the "connection plar opx"

regards Niels

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Re: PLAR on FXS port


I've the same issue with a VG224 using MGCP.

Did you solve your issue?

Thank you

Best regards

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