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Please Help!

How to accomplish this scenario, using etherchannel. Im using CSCO 2950G-12-EI Switch, I want to ping PC2 from PC1 or vice versa without any timeout if I remove some connection. Please find the attachment for the scenario, thanks.

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Re: Please Help!


Kindly be specific about what ur requirement is. i am not able to understand what u want to say from this line "if I remove some connection".


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Re: Please Help!

This is my connection for 3 switches.

(S1) Port1 to (S2) Port1

(S1) Port2 to (S2) Port2

(S1) Port3 to (S3) Port3

(S1) Port4 to (S3) Port4

(S2) Port5 to (S3) Port5

(S2) Port6 to (S3) Port6

PC1 connected to S1/Port12

PC2 connected to S2/Port12

If my boss wants to remove all the connections from S1 to S2 and 1 connection from S1 to S3 to S2 while it ping from PC1 to PC2, he should not encounter any timeout. I've done this using 2 switches with 2 cross-over connection using a #channel-group 1 mode on, but as far I know channel-group has only maximum of 8 ports member, but in this scenario I have a total of 12 ports members between the 3 switches. If I create a 2 channel-group, how I can balance the 2 group as one logical groups. I know this is really overkill connection, but Im just following my boss wants. So please help to solve this, thanks. I attached herewith another diagram.

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