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plug carrier handoff into L2 switch...

I have a silly question.  I'm planning on taking an SFP handoff from my carrier and plugging it directly into a Catalyst L2 switch.  Now, in the past they have given me circuits with an IP address of and had a block of IP addresses "riding" on that circuit.  For instance, they would give me a block like  So, normally I'd plug that directly into a router and do NAT to expose my internal webservers and whatnot.  Now I have a scenario where I want to use external addresses for a few servers.  My thinking was to plug the servers into several ports along with the SFP handoff from my carrier and put all those ports in the same VLAN.  But I was thinking no one could access the network if I gave the vlan interface the IP address of  Is this true?  So, what I wanted to do was just give the VLAN interface an IP address of something inside that network such as  But then it seems the IP addresses would be lost because they couldn't get to  What can I do in this situation besides add a router to the mix?  TIA.


Re: plug carrier handoff into L2 switch...

You are correct in reference to the L2 switch only having one vlan interface, typically used as a management SVI.  From your post you need something that can provide routing.  You can still use a switch, it will just need to be a L3 switch.

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