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PoE feature on Cisco Port-Channel

Hi Team,

Our access layer switch Cisco-2960 (WS-C2960S-48FPS-L) is connected to distribution layer switch Cisco-4506 (WS-C4506-E) over Port-Channel1 with two member trunk ports Gig0/1 and Gig0/2.

> The issue is, when "power inline auto" is enabled on both Gig1/0/1 and Gig1/0/2, the interfaces and port-channel 1 starts fluctuating and        finally   

     interfaces will go down (Log messages observed : %ILPOWER-7-DETECT / %ILPOWER-5-IEEE_DISCONNECT and


> The issue is not observed in the following conditions when - (1) "power inline never" enabled on both the trunk ports (2) Trunk ports are        un-bundled

     from Port-Channel1 (3) Port-Channel with a single member port.

> The issue is observed only on a port-channel with multiple member interfaces enabled with "Power inline auto".

I know that "power inline auto" is not required on a trunk port where we connect other switches. But my query is; Is there any relation between "PoE feature" and "Port-channel with more than 1 member interfaces".

Cisco2960 image is c2960s-universalk9-mz.122-53.SE2 in which we have not found any bugs related to this issue.

Please assist to provide relevant answer to this query.

BR / Manjesh

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