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POE - power inline never

i have a problem with some device on my network,
when i connect it to a POE port, The RJ45 Ethernet port of the "PCD Device" destroyed.

so the solution i have is "manual intervention", and connect the device with special cable (some wired disconnected, the wired support the POE).
i look for an automatic way to configure a port with "power inline never" when the specific device is connecting to the network.

the type of switches is vary.

i have an ISE machine (so, the solution can be ISE integrated).

any idea??

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You mentioned no product you

You mentioned no product you wish to configure, no firmware version ...

... your's chances for valuable answer are rather low.

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it is more general question

it is more general question,
the network envolve with vary POE switchs,
the device we connecting is PCD of Saia,

this is the problem of the device:

i thought to resolve it thru ISE, with OUI recognition.
but i dont know how to do it or maybe some other solution.


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As the port of Saia device is

As the port of Saia device is incompatible with PoE and can be destroyed by power supplied it sounds so dangerous to depend on just "software off". Even manually entered 'power inline never' sounds not enough safe to me - configuration may be lost or accidentally changed and all PCD devices connected will become destroyed because of it.

Short patch cable with 1,2,3,6 wire connected only (as suggested in article you referred)  permanently plugged onto PCD device sounds more safe to me.

All at all, as far as I know, no Cisco switch have internal logic allowing conditionally turn on/off PoE.

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