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point-to-multipoint metro dilema

Righ now I have three big locations connected with point-to-point ATM PVC's, each location is connected to other two, sort of triangle. I have an IP based network, with iptel, qos and everything. Because of need for higher speed my provider is offering me metro point-to-multipoint network instead of ATM triangle. I am woried about qos and congestion in that case. Let's say that each location has 10M connection onto metro network. If two locations generate 6M traffic toward third location, there will be congestion somewhere in metro cloud. I did some research in direction of controlling oubound traffic in locations and so far I have

- build tunnels between locations, and emulate pvc's between locations

- using rate-limit in outbound direction with access list as criteria

Is there any other option? Do you have some advise for me?


PS: provider also has point-to-point metro service in wich it creates virtual pvc's, but this is much more expensive

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Re: point-to-multipoint metro dilema

:-)) silence? Nobody has nothing for me?

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I've had some success doing

I've had some success doing exactly that - build tunnels between locations and set QoS on each tunnel.

However, my site has a central datacenter which has much higher bandwidth than spoke sites.  And, the spoke sites hard ever send that much traffic out to be a problem.  Most of the traffic flows from the DC to the spoke sites.

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