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Policing and input queues

Hi everybody

Please consider the following example:

--Lan----F0/0--R1--rest of network

We want to limit web traffic going to internet to 15kbs . All the http traffic exceeding this rate should be marked down to ip precedence 3

I configured the our router with the following config:

class-map match-any LEE

match http

Policy-map WEB_TRAFFIC

class LEE

police 15000 conform-action transmit exceed-action set-pre-transmit 3 violate-action drop

R1(config)# int f0/0

service-policy input WEB_TRAFFIC

Let assume our current http traffic is exceeding 15kps but still allowed through the router . Our router is making down this exceeding http traffic to 3.

That is my understanding:

First all the incoming packets on f0/0 are checked against the policy-map LEE.

If the traffic is matched by policy-map LEE,all the actions defined under policy-map Lee will be performed i.e if the http traffic rate is below 15 kbps, they will be allowed unchanged. If the http traffic rate is exceeding 15kbps, then http traffic will be marked down to ip precedence 3 and transmitted provided that our excess token bucket has enough tokens left.

In our example, let assume we have http traffic exceeding 15kbps and we have enough token lefts in our excess bucket.

Router will mark ip precedence in these exceeding http packets to 3 and then places these packets into input queue mapped to 3. 

Am i correct?

Thanks and have a great day.

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Policing and input queues

Hi Sarah,

Your understanding is correct. But with this approach, web traffic more than the configured rate will be dropped. If this is what you are intenting to do, it is fine.

But if the web traffic is your business traffic, you can consider shaping @ outbound (WAN) interface.




Policing and input queues

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Policing and input queues

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Policing and input queues

Thanks Joseph

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