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Policy Based Routing on vlans


I have two  firewall with two different ISP'S. two interface configured in one firewall and other in another firewall,such as

Firewall1 interface 1  ip address

Firewall 1 interface 2 ip address

Firewall 2 interface 1 ip address

Firewall 2 intefface 2 ip address

i have four vlans such as vlan 10, vlan 20,  vlan30, vlan 40

intervlan works fine untill i enable PBR as shown below

access-list 101 permit

access-list 102 permit

access-list 103 permit

access-list 104 permit

Route-map vlan_10 permit 10

match ip address 101

set ip next-hop

Route-map vlan_10 permit 20

match ip address 102

set ip next-hop

Route-map vlan_10 permit 30

match ip address 103

set ip next-hop

Route-map vlan_10 permit 40

match ip address 104

set ip next-hop

interface vlan 10

ip police route-map vlan_10

trafic from vlan 10 goes to (firewall interface)  internet works fine but intervlans comunnication is not happeing i cann't ping other vlans.

Please assists

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