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Port Aggregation between Cisco 3750 and 2960 Switches

Dear All,

I have connected two portsof Cisco 3750 Switch with Cisco 2960 switch. I want to do load balancing on both the port.

Can any one help me out ,how to configure the same.

Thanking all in anticipation


Re: Port Aggregation between Cisco 3750 and 2960 Switches


Configure etherchannel between the two ports.having multiple or parallel links between switches creates the possibility of bridging loops, an undesirable condition. EtherChannel avoids this situation by bundling parallel links into a single, logical link, which can act as either an access or a trunk link. Switches or devices on each end of the EtherChannel link must understand and use the EtherChannel technology for proper operation.

Traffic in an EtherChannel is distributed across the individual bundled links in a deterministic fashion; however, the load is not necessarily balanced equally across all the links. Instead, frames are forwarded on a specific link as a result of a hashing algorithm. The algorithm can use source IP address, destination IP address, or a combination of source and destination IP addresses, source and destination MAC addresses, or TCP/UDP port numbers. The hash algorithm computes a binary pattern that selects a link number in the bundle to carry each frame.



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Re: Port Aggregation between Cisco 3750 and 2960 Switches


I'm assuimg you are talking about etherchannel. Bear in mind that each connection between two end hosts will only use one of the links at any one time and that etherchannel is more about port aggregation than actual load-balancing.

Etherchannel supports src/dst mac-address, src/dst IP address and src/dst ports load balancing but not all switches support all of these types. Attached is a link to a doc on etherchannel load-balancing

Have a look at this to see what your possibilities are.



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