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Port Channel Delay

I have 2 seperate port channels on a 7507 router. they both have 2 ports each and connect to a Catalyst 4006. When the port channels are active and both ports are up on each, I get delays. When I shut a channel on either the ports on each port channel, the delay on that port channel stops. Any suggestions?

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Re: Port Channel Delay

Hello Greg,

what if you put all 4 links in a single port-channel ?

My personal experience with port-channels on routers like C7507 is not good and I wouldn't use them if possible.

Hope to help


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Re: Port Channel Delay

We had too many vlans on a single port channel. The point is though- that neither port channel works well and there are delays. Until one of the ports is disabled. It happens the same way on either port channel. How would you do redundancy then if you shy away from port channeling?


Re: Port Channel Delay

It sounds like you are getting physical layer errors on the ports. I would look for link errors on both sides of the etherchannel. On the 4006 use the "show counters slot/port" command to look . Look for speed/duplex mismatches on your etherchannel links. Verify both sides match whether it be auto on both sides or hardcoded on both sides. Can't say I have done any etherchannels on a old router like the 7500's how is that setup ? Maybe you can post the etherchannel configs from both sides .

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