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Port Channeling & Trunking

Hi all,

Hopefully, this will be an easy one...

I've got a CAT 3750 switch - Version 12.2(25)SEB4.

It has 1-48 port chanels available for use.

I've used 1 to 6 already. I trunk them to some 2960 switches that are dual connected for redundancy.

But, I need to configure some more 2960's to connect to the 3750. But, on the smaller 2960s there only 6 port channels available.

How do I configure the 2960 for port channel to the 3750 if I can't use, say, port 7 on the 2960 as it doesn't exist?

Please help...Thanks


Re: Port Channeling & Trunking

The numbers do not have to match on each end I don't think though it makes it a lot easier to troubleshoot if they are so you could have channel 15 on the 3750 and channel 1 on the 2960 . If they are not the same on each make good use of the port channel description field so you know where they go.

Cisco Employee

Re: Port Channeling & Trunking

Hi George,

As Glen updated to have port channel number same on 2 switches is not mandatory although it is a good practice but it is not necessary.

What is necessary and mandatory is to have same channel number for the ports which you want to bundle on same switch.

Switch 1(channel 1)---(channel 2) switch 2

Switch 1(channel 1)---(channel 2) switch 2

This will and should work fine. Just make sure port configs which you want to bundle together remain same.



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