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Port Forwarding

Alright, I just don't understand Cisco port forwarding. I have a 2610 with a NM-1E and I want to setup port forwarding. I have the router configured and it works great, but now I need some ports configured.

The way things worked on my old router, I had a DMZ setup forwarding all to one IP, but I also had some individual port ranges setup as well. SO:

DMZ to

9300-9399 to

9400-9499 to

9500-9599 to

etc, etc.

Is there any way to do this on the Cisco router?

Also, on my Linksys, if I attempt to connect to the external IP from behind the network, it would simply pass the connection through port forwarding as if it had been external. I used the following command to configure what I think was a DMZ, but I can't connect to the "external" ip from within the network...

ip nat inside source static 65.41.113.xx


Re: Port Forwarding

To do a port translation on a router-

ip nat inside source static tcp [inside IP] 80 interface [outside IP] 80

Let's assume your DMZ address is

ip nat inside source static tcp 9300 9300

ip nat inside source static tcp 9301 9301



There is no way to do a range, so you will have a NAT statement for each port. I have not found a way to access the external IP from the internal network (yet). Don't forget to add/change your ACL's to allow the traffic.

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