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port forwarding

I just purchased a cisco 861w router for our offices. We have remote backup software that runs on one ofour servers that backs up client servers. I need to be able to open up a series of ports in order for data to be sent to this server. I have done this for several years with linksys routers and have opened ports on cico also, but not multiple ports to the same inside NAT address.

Thanks in advance for your help


Re: port forwarding

Here's an example for you-

ip nat inside source static tcp 21 75.50.95.X 21 extendable

ip nat inside source static tcp 80 75.50.95.X 80 extendable

ip nat inside source static tcp 443 75.50.95.X 443 extendable

Don't forget the ACL too.

Hope that helps.

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Re: port forwarding

thanks for your response, collin. Fortunately, that example you gave is something I was able to pull from my past cisco experience. However, to further narrow down my question, I have to open a minimum of 1000 ports in order to service all clients as quick as possible. clients get multiple port when transfering large amounts of data. therefor, I was hoping to see a command that would allow me to open a series of ports w/ one commandand point to a specific internal address.

Perhaps a simpler way would be to setup a DMZ to to the backup server's internal IP ??? any thoughts and/or examples.

Again thanks!

Re: port forwarding

With that many ports, I would do a full NAT translation (all ports and protocols)

ip nat inside source static 75.50.95.X

Then use your ACL to permit the 1000 ports and deny the others.

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