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Port-Security aging timer not working

This is my first post so I hope to do this correctly.

Anyway, I am messing with port-security on 3750 ((C3750-IPBASEK9-M), Version 12.2(55)SE9) stacks as well as a 3550 ((C3550-IPBASEK9-M), Version 12.2(44)SE6) in my office for testing.  I am having an issue with the aging timers working like I think they should. It is my understanding that you can have the following port-security settings and after two minutes (just a number I picked) it should clear the Mac-address and let another device with a different Mac-address connect.  Will the current mac-address disapear from the interface as well? 

switchport access vlan 517
switchport mode access
switchport voice vlan 617
switchport port-security
switchport port-security aging time 2
switchport port-security violation restrict
switchport port-security aging type inactivity
switchport port-security mac-address sticky
switchport port-security aging static
switchport port-security mac-address sticky 0001.8068.d79d
spanning-tree portfast

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When I unplug the first

When I unplug the first device that has the mac-address listed in the config above and wait for two minutes and try to plug in another device it will not let the second device connect. 

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Hi Nathan Smith

Hi Nathan Smith

i found situation like you, i don't know why interface run mac-address sticky is not clear mac address itself and refresh mac-address sticky when aging time set after unplug device. 

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