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Port to host IP address association

I am fairly new into this field. I am trying to find an easy way to associate the host IP address to the port number on a 6509 with a 10/100/1000 blade. I know the CAM table shows MAC to port and the ARP shows MAC to IP, any way to see this in one table? Thanks for the help


Re: Port to host IP address association

The command show arp will show all the ipaddress and MAC address. The following show output gives you an idea.

Console> (enable) show arp

ARP Aging time = 300 sec

+ - Permanent Arp Entries

* - Static Arp Entries

* at 00-08-cc-44-aa-18 on vlan 5

+ at 00-08-94-cc-02-aa on vlan 5 at 00-10-07-3c-05-13 port 7/1-4 on vlan 5 at 00-00-0c-00-ac-05 port 7/1-4 on vlan 5

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Re: Port to host IP address association

Sounds like you're running hybrid (i.e. CatOS for the Sup and IOS for the MSFC). In this case you're absolutely right...there is no way you can get the output in one command unless you script it yourself and let your script combine the two results. In a Native where you're only running IOS the "show ip arp" will list the IP and the port that it is coming from.

Another thing you can do is use a utility like "NeDi" which will tell you exactly what you're looking for. Basically it is a script that runs periodically (configurable) that polls all of your devices and collects all sorts of usefull information which includes exactly what you're looking for.


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