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Power 6000W recommandation for cat6509-E


What is the best recommandation cabling when we have Two power supply 6000W AC in a cat6509-E chassis with a VS-720-10G-3C and 8 modules WS-X6748-GE-TX.

Solution 1 ou Solution 2 ??? details in the Visio file join to this discussion

Because when we used the solution 1 on a cat 6509-E and when powered off the power source 1, the chassis rebooted...

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Re: Power 6000W recommandation for cat6509-E


According to Cisco Power Calculator's result (attached) with your installed line cards and Sup, your total output power is 3420.06 Watts and that is about 60% of one 6000 Watt power supply with 2 connectors.

I have the same setup and use your option one with no issues.

If your switches reboot when bringing down one power suppy, you may want to look at your power sources.



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Re: Power 6000W recommandation for cat6509-E

From a design stand point I think option 2 would be best.

Because you are using a different line source for each power supply your chances of going down hard are lesser. Since you will still have power going to both power supplies you should have sufficient enough power to drive your blades and supervisor engine - should one of your inline powers go down.

If every port is not active drawing a full load you will be more then fine.



Re: Power 6000W recommandation for cat6509-E

I didn't open the Visio (on a MAC and didn't want to open the VM ) But if it sounds like one supply should be able to support the chassis.  Did you verify the redudency mode?

Try looking at:

"Show power"

And make sure there is enough power, and the redundancy is not combined, it should be "redundant"

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