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Power for CAT-4503-E


I have a 4503-E with two 1400wac power supplies (PWR-C45-1400AC). Right now the switch is connected to 240v AC power with L6-20 connections (CAB-AC-2800W-TWLK=).

I need to move the switch to our new Disaster Recovery location and the Colo facility is going to provide a 3-phase PDU with the following outputs:

(12)        IEC 60320/C13_ 20 AMPS 208 VAC
(6)          IEC 60320/C19_20AMPS 120 VAC
(6)          NEMA 5-20_ 20 AMPS 120VAC

I'm looking ath the 4500 installation guide at the various cables, and don't see the C13 cords available for the 1400w power supply.

First question:

The installation gude says the C13 (CAB-C19-C14) cables are A. meant for 120v AC, and B. only for the 4200w power supply.

The vendor told me the C13 connections on the PDU were 208v, could they be mistaken?

Even though the cables are listed as being for the 4200w power supply, they have the same connection (C19) to the power supply, will they work with this PS? I'd like to keep the switch on 240v if possible.

Second Queston:

When they say the output is 208v, is that terminology interchangable with 240v?

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