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power off a cisco core switch

Dear All,

I am sorry for this silly question

we need to relocate our core switch 6500 with sup 720 to another bldg

what is the command to gracefully shut it down

I mean power off

I was told one can just switch off the power

but i just wanna be careful

apprecite you help



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power off a cisco core switch


There is no graceful shut down.  Just make sure you have a good back up of your config and your IOS.  You can than simply turn off the switch.


Good Luck

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power off a cisco core switch

Dear Reza,

Thanks a lot

i have a backup of my config

I do remeber long ago the company personall to had just shut it down

but I thoght there wd be a graceful shutdown

googling arround did not help me

thnks again




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power off a cisco core switch

Hi Simon,

Unfortunately with the 6500 series and many other switches there no way to halt the system first, than bring it down.

Some people use the the reload command first and while the switch is rebooting they turn it off, but that is not really graceful. 


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power off a cisco core switch

Hello Simon,

I agree with Reza.

Theoretically, Cisco recommends you save the command and issue the "reboot" command.  Once the terminal or console looses connection then you power off the chassis.

If you have services module, such as FWSM, save the config and there's a "Shutdown" button.  I recommend you use that.

Practically, all I do during our annual shutdown of the DC (four times a year) is to save the config and power down the switches.

Because you are relocating the chassis, this throws a different factor involved.  Here's what I think:

Whether or not you are moving the chassis to a different rack or a different physical location, I'd recommend you save the config and copy the config and the IOS to an external compact flash card.

Remove the power supplies and then remove all the cards and place them in a non-static bag.  Then relocate the chassis.

Put back the line cards first before putting the power supplies back. 

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