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Power solution for 4510R switch

Hi All,

We have one switch 4510R which could have total 300 cisco GE color phone connected. That means 300x15.4=4620W. Considering the 89% effiency for the PoE line cards, that means each line card needs 5191W input power from chasis power supply. Based on the 6000W power supply specs, only up to 4800W is allocated for PoE purpose. But we need 5191W from power supply which redundant mode can't offer. We don't want to go with combined mode. So should we add external power shelf to add more power?

Another question will be how much power we need from utility or UPS. For example, the efficency of cisco power supply is 75% and we use two 6000W power supplies in redudant mode. Then we need 8000W. The voltage is 220V. Then the AMP we need is 36.4A from UPS or utility power.

Is my calculation correct above?

Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks a lot for the help.


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Re: Power solution for 4510R switch

Have you had a look at the Cisco power calculator tool? You tell it your chassis, supervisor type, line cards and PoE devices and it provides an in depth analysis of your power requirements and gives suggested PS configurations. See:

Hope this helps.

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Power solution for 4510R switch

Thanks mklemovitch. It's helpful. But it give me the combined mode options either 4200W or 6000W. As I said in the post, I don't want to do combined mode. It's risky for us. The calculator doesn't give us external power shelf option.


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