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Priority Vlan - no Voice needed

I am trying to locate information on how to use QoS or some priority settings for a data vlan. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Here is the scenario:

I have 3 Vlans (let’s call them 10, 20 & 30). Vlan 10 and 20 are normal user data Vlans, while Vlan 30 has data collection devices that must have priority data throughput. At the core is a Cisco 4500 (configured with SVI’s for the Vlans) and we have several spoke 2960’s. What I am hoping for is a way to provide Vlan 30 priority if the traffic on the network should start to create bottle neck. All the examples I have seen are related to Voice traffic and IP phones which is not what I am looking for. Is there a way to configure a specific data Vlan that would give the data on that Vlan priority processing to all other traffic?

I have not been able to locate any examples on how to configure this and maybe I am going about it wrong. I have found the following command, but unable to locate any documentation on how and what it does:

Switch# switchport priority extend cos <0-7>

What other configuration commands are required and what does the 0-7 represent? What needs to be configured on each switch (access and core) Sorry for not having more specifics, but this is an entirely new area for me.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Priority Vlan - no Voice needed

This can be easly done by marking this vlan traffic with high dscp/cos, these values will give the packet higher priority in case of congestion. Now based on your hardware and network topology, there will be different commands, and also you will need to enable qos on all the switches

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