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Private VLAN's / Promiscuous Server with Trunk Port


I currently have a 3750G switch, with a private VLAN network, as well as normal VLAN's.

My problem is, I have a server that has 1 network card, and it is not an option to add another one, but this server can use VLAN tagging.

What I am doing on the 3750 side is configuring the servers switch port as a trunk, like normal, and then I created 2 VLAN interfaces on the server, one is using the non private VLAN tag, which works correctly, and the other is using the private vlan, which almost works correctly.

The issue is, the private VLAN virtual interface on the server is working, but it can only talk to promiscuous ports, but I want it to be promiscuous itself, so It can talk to all users on that private network, I am unsure if this is possible, or if it is a feature that I need to have in a IOS code upgrade, something a long the lines of promiscous trunk.

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Re: Private VLAN's / Promiscuous Server with Trunk Port

Your promiscuous port belongs to the primary VLAN and can communicate with all interfaces, including the community and isolated host ports that belong to the secondary VLANs associated with the primary VLAN.

Refer the below link for Configuring the Catalyst 3750G Integrated Wireless LAN Controller Switch :

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Re: Private VLAN's / Promiscuous Server with Trunk Port

Thanks for the reply, but the problem is, the port that I need to be promiscuous is a trunk port connected to a server, that has 1 NIC and multiple VLAN's, one of which needs to be promiscuous.

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