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Problem Multicast

Hello all,

I have a big problem with cameras that generate multicast stream (about 40MB on links GB uplinks, no problem with the link).

Despite the Wan saturates and yet I do not route these flows over the WAN.

Let me explain, there are two core networks and multiple access switch with cameras, users, servers ....


Vlan 1 Admin

Vlan 4 Servers

Vlan 5 Users

Vlan 6 Video

Vlan 10 Wan

Config multicast core:


ip multicast-routing

no ip igmp snooping


mls ip multicast flow-stat-timer 9


int vlan 6


ip pim dense-mode


int vlan 5


ip pim dense-mode


On vlan 10, I have not activated the pim dense-mode for the multicast is not routed to this interface. I also put an ACL to block the flow 224.16.17.x cameras.

Despite all this as soon as the cameras are connected to the network, users who go over the WAN are very slow and should not.

How can I do to solve this problem ?

Hall of Fame Super Blue

Problem Multicast

Are you sure the traffic for the cameras is actually going onto the WAN link or is it just the amount of traffic being flooded within the vlans 5 & 6 ?

A better solution may be to try pim sparse-mode which does not automatically flood the traffic but waits until there is an interested client.


New Member

Problem Multicast

Hi Jon,

with whireshark, i see the traffic for the cameras not going onto the wan.

there is a problem with IGMP Snooping. My client had desactivate IGMP on any switch because they had a problem with IGMP and another Vlan.

But i think activate IGMP on vlan 5 & 6 and on port with camera, what do you think?


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