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Problem swapping to twingig from tengig

Hi All

I have a 3650e switch that has been running with 2 ten gig modules but I am changing one of them to a twingig module.

The problem I have is that after changing over to the twingig module the gig port on it wont recognise the fibre link.

I am not great with switches so please advise in noddy speak.


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Re: Problem swapping to twingig from tengig

To elaborate :-

Its a 3560e switch that was connected to another 3560e via 2 x tengig modules.

I have removed 1 of the tengig modules and connected a twingig module instead.

I have inserted 1 gbic into this and connected the fibre to an older cisco switch with g uplink ports.

The older switch is tranmitting ok as there is light in the fibre but the new 3560e would appear to be dead.

I havnt reloaded the switch since changing the module as I didnt think I had to.

How can I enable the twingig module ??

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Re: Problem swapping to twingig from tengig

did you configure the gig interfaces on the switch? the config for the ten gig interfaces does not transfer to the gig interfaces when switching modules. for example, you have TenGigabit interfaces 1 and 2 anf GigabitEthernet interfaces 49 - 52. Have you tried the command sh int status to view the status of the interfaces?

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