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Problem with CE500 and VG-224

I am using a CE500-24LC switch. I have some IP phones connected to it plus a few other data devices (PC, Printer). There are 2 vlans, the default for data and the voice vlan. I have connected a VG-224 to support some analog phones. Because this is a VOIP device it belongs in the voice vlan so it has an IP address in the voice subnet. It also requires QOS from the switch. I setup the switch port for the SmartPort role of "server". This seemed to make the most sense after reading about the various roles. Only the roles of "server" and "Ip Phone + Desktop" will allow you to assign the port to the voice vlan. The role of "server" also allows the selection of server type "trusted" to get QoS. The switch doesn't like this port set to a role of "server" however. Device Manager makes the port flash with an orange color and has the following error:

"Detected a mismatch of the Smartports role and the connected device type on this port."

CNA complains the configured role has not been applied. When I use the "resolve" funtion it shows the connected device as "router" and role suggested as "router". When I set the role to router it will not let me set the native vlan to the voice vlan however because only "server" and "IP Phone + Desktop" are allowed to use the voice vlan. So what do I do? Should I use "IP Phone + Desktop"? Any idea why it doesn't like the VG-224 connected with a role of "server"?


Re: Problem with CE500 and VG-224

you can use IP Phone and Desktop. Orange color error will have less impact. There is a mismatch of the severity level of the messages in Event Notification Window in Events and LED Alerts tabs. for more information see the bug CSCei90187

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Re: Problem with CE500 and VG-224

It must be blinking orange/grey.

Orange steady means port is faulty or disable.

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