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Problem with Local routing on switch


We have a customer with a Cisco 3750x switch stack on site.

He plugged his laptop in the following port:

Int Gi1/0/20

switchport mode access

switchport access vlan 100

spanning-tree portfast

The device he is trying to reach is on the same switch but a different port in a different vlan (VLAN 199), there are trunks present that have access to the 2 vlans. Launching a ping is a straight success

The device he has:


When he tries a HTTP request, it fails.  When we do a tracert from his laptop to

- (himself)

- (resides in vlan 100)

- (resides in vlan 100)

- (vlan 53) Vlan 53 is a layer 3 transit OSPF between the sites on subnet

- (Destination in vlan 199)

This does not pass any known firewalls, any reason why he matches this OSPF route on a HTTP request of the same switch and why the request would breakdown.


Problem with Local routing on switch

Logon to the device that is doing the intervlan routing and do a #show ip route

It will show you the next hop address and where it has learned this route from.

Logon to the next hop listed and do the same.

If the same L3 switch has the Routable Interface for both Vlans (i.e thier default gateways) then the next hop should show a connected route.

If not, post a quick sketch of the topology for us.


New Member

Problem with Local routing on switch


Thanks for the answer, i will give this a go

The weird thing is when he starts the traceroute from his address ( his first hop is not the default gateway, (it should be and he hits

I have done the traceroute from the cisco switch itself and it reaches the destination in 1 hop. The network is directly connected aswell to the switch.



Problem with Local routing on switch

   Is the default gateway correct on the users pc ???

Problem with Local routing on switch

I would agree with Glen on this one, check the default gateway on the users machine.

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