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Problem with logging discriminator not working

I have a switch in which I am attempting to get a logging discriminator to work but it doesn't appear to want to do so.

Reading through this documentation:

and searching the forums and finding this discussion:


I thought I had it right but it's not looking that way.


Here is the code I am using:

logging discriminator dropsec mnemonics drop SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGP

logging discriminator incsec mnemonics include SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGP

logging buffer discriminator dropsec

logging monitor discriminator incsec


Yet the messages are still showing up in the logging buffer.  What I am attempting to filter here is logged messages from an ACL Log statement. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I had issues getting the

I had issues getting the logging discriminator to work until I added the "includes" section such as below:


logging discriminator LINKLOGS severity includes 0,1,2,3,4,5 facility drops LINK|LINEPROTO mnemonics drops UPDOWN
logging trap notifications
logging origin-id hostname
logging host <ip-of-syslog> discriminator LINKLOGS


We use the above to ignore all of the link/lineproto up/down syslog notifications from access layer switches.

Hope that helps!



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