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Problem With POE 802.3 af Class3 WS-C2960S-48FPD-L Version 12.2(44)SE2

I have a problem connecting 20 Cameras IP VISIONXIP PAN-50360 to a switch WS-C2960-24PC-L

Those cammeras has POE 802.3 AF Class 3 as one the features but when I connect one of the cámmeras with the Ethernet cable to the interface 0/7 on the switch indicated before, this camera doesn't turns on, I have checked the interface on the switch and the status of the same is on and also show not connected.

I have connected this cammera to two diferent devices, a router and an ASA, and the camera Works.

I dont know witch could be the issue.

I have on the attached document the outputs for the show and debug commands.

Any help will be appreciated.





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Could be a cable problem. 

Could be a cable problem. 


2960-24PC has two GigabitEthernet ports.  If one is them is not being used, move the camera to the port so we can do TDR testing. 


If and when you move the camera port to the GigabitEthernet port, do the following: 


1.  config t

2.  interface GigabitEthernet 0/<BLAH>;

3.  media rj;

4.  end;

5.  test cable tdr interface Gi0/<BLAH>;

6.  Wait for approximately 5 seconds; 

7. show cable tdr interface Gi0/<BLAH>;

8.  Post the output to #7; 

9.  config t; 

10.  interface GigabitEthernet 0/<BLAH>;

11.  media auto; and

12.  END

leo thankfor u answerI will

leo thankfor u answer

I will do the TDR and show this:



Switch#sh cable-diagnostics tdr interface g0/2
TDR test last run on: March 08 02:37:55

Interface Speed Local pair       Pair length            Remote pair         Pair status
--------- ----- ---------- ------------------ ----------- --------------------
Gi0/2     auto      Pair A              N/A                        N/A                        Normal
                            Pair B              N/A                        N/A                        Normal
                            Pair C             1    +/- 2  meters   N/A                        Short
                            Pair D             0    +/- 2  meters   N/A                        Short




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Change the patch cable

Change the patch cable connected to the switch.  TDR result confirms you've got a cable issue.  For PoE to work, you need Pair "C" to have a result of "Normal".  

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