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problem with stack power led yellow?

Hello everybody,

Customer has 2 switches 3750X in stack and everything seems to be all right because the "show power stack" is right:

ESPZAR01SW24#Show env all

FAN 1 is OK

FAN 2 is OK

FAN PS-1 is OK

FAN PS-2 is OK


Temperature Value: 33 Degree Celsius

Temperature State: GREEN

Yellow Threshold : 46 Degree Celsius

Red Threshold    : 60 Degree Celsius

SW  PID                 Serial#     Status           Sys Pwr  PoE Pwr  Watts

--  ------------------  ----------  ---------------  -------  -------  -----

1A  C3KX-PWR-350WAC     LIT14401AWR  OK              Good     Good     350/0

1B  C3KX-PWR-350WAC     LIT144106U5  OK              Good     Good     350/0

2A  C3KX-PWR-350WAC     LIT14401AX1  OK              Good     Good     350/0

2B  C3KX-PWR-350WAC     LIT144106U9  OK              Good     Good     350/0

SW  Status          RPS Name          RPS Serial#  RPS Port#

--  -------------   ----------------  -----------  ---------

1   Not Present     <>

2   Not Present     <>

Aanyway he finds there is a yellow led only for the master switch for power.

Do you know if this may mean something is wrong with the power?

The error found is:

Sep 16 13:59:58.744 CEST: %PLATFORM_STACKPOWER-4-REDUNDANCY_LOSS: Switch 1's power stack lost redundancy and is now operating in power sharing mode

The stack is in redundant mode, since this is the output of the command:

ESPZAR01SW24#sh stack-power

Power stack name: Powerstack-2

    Stack mode: Redundant

    Switch 1:

        Power budget: 206

        Low port priority value: 22

        High port priority value: 13

        Switch priority value: 4

        Port 1 status: Connected

        Port 2 status: Connected

        Neighbor on port 1: 588d.09d0.3680

       Neighbor on port 2: 588d.09d0.3680

    Switch 2:

        Power budget: 206

        Low port priority value: 21

        High port priority value: 12

        Switch priority value: 3

        Port 1 status: Connected

        Port 2 status: Connected

        Neighbor on port 1: 588d.09d0.5400

        Neighbor on port 2: 588d.09d0.5400

Do you know if the led in yellow means something to consider or just a false alarm?

Thank you very much.


problem with stack power led yellow?

From the Cisco website:

A power stack can run in one of two modes, configured by using the command-line interface:

In  power-sharing mode (the default), all input power is available to be  used for power loads. The total available power in all switches in the  power stack (up to four) is treated as a single large power supply, with  power available to all switches and to all powered devices connected to  PoE ports. In this mode, the total available power is used for power  budgeting decisions and no power is reserved to accommodate power-supply  failures. If a power supply fails, powered devices and switches could  be shut down (load shedding).

In  redundant mode, the power from the largest power supply in the system  is subtracted from the power budget, which reduces the total available  power, but provides backup power in case of a power-supply failure.  Although there is less available power in the pool for switches and  powered devices to draw from, the possibility of having to shut down  switches or powered devices in case of a power failure or extreme power  load is reduced.

Do you know how they are configured for power?

May be worth checking and reseating the power ring cables.

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