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Problem with switched network

For couple of days I have been trying to set up a flat network between 3 PCs(PC1, PC2& PC3) and the Cisco switch 2950.

I was able to ping PC1 running Vista Home OS from PC2(XP Pro) and PC3(vista) but PC1 cannot ping PC2 & PC3. PC2 and PC3 cannot ping each other as well.

We have 3 more cisco 2950 switches which are behaving similarly.

Can anyone help me with this??

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Re: Problem with switched network

The default firewall configs on XP Pro and I believe Vista block pings. You may want to try turning those firewalls off, or checking their configs.

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Re: Problem with switched network

It was the first thing I did, turning off firewall and even Antivirus with integrated firewall was also disabled. User accounts control were turned off as well. The switch was reset seversl times. We tried changing the image of one of the switch to 12.1(22)EA11 and added one more PC (PC4) with MAC OS this time PC1 and PC4 can ping each other. Furthermore PC2 and PC3 can ping PC4 as well but not vice versa.

Even downloaded LLTD responder to XP PC.

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Re: Problem with switched network

Please post the ipconfig from the 3 PCs.



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