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Problems configuring LACP Trunk and Multiple trunk routing (CATOS)

Hi all,

this is my first post here as my questions relating to cisco equipment only started arising recently. Here's our story, we recently aquired a managed services job and have to do a overhaul of the vlan configs and have a whole dozen WC2948G's trunk between a set of ports as well as trunk out a LAG channel setup to non cisco equipment. the deal is the lacp-channel works properly on both ends but no routing of vlans between ports and between the lag trunk are working.

theres alot of settings in the config and im planning on clearing it and starting from scratch but before i do i want to know where my problem lies.

if anyone can help me figure this out it would be a great help.

sh config

This command shows non-default configurations only.

Use 'show config all' to show both default and non-default configurations.









#time: Mon Feb 13 2012, 18:05:01


#version 8.4(11)GLX



#system web interface version(s)

set password $2$NMK/$WkkQmB/4S/o8KgP8.LItT1

set enablepass $2$ntFx$ZCS9fj.WaIHxVCzr55ZEe1



set feature dot1x-radius-keepalive disable



set errordetection inband enable

set errordetection memory enable



set inlinepower defaultallocation 6000


#frame distribution method

set port channel all distribution mac both


#stp mode

set spantree mode pvst+



set vtp mode transparent vlan

set vlan 4 name Wifi type ethernet mtu 1500 said 100004 state active

set vlan 10 name Wan1 type ethernet mtu 1500 said 100010 state active

set vlan 20 name Bell type ethernet mtu 1500 said 100020 state active

set vlan 1002 name fddi-default type fddi mtu 1500 said 101002 state active

set vlan 1004 name fddinet-default type fddinet mtu 1500 said 101004 state active stp ieee

set vlan 1005 name trnet-default type trbrf mtu 1500 said 101005 state active stp ibm

set vlan 1

set vlan 1003 name token-ring-default type trcrf mtu 1500 said 101003 state active mode srb aremaxhop 7 stemaxhop 7 backupcrf off



set interface sc0 1

set interface sl0 down

set interface me1

set ip route

set ip alias default



set logging level ethc 2 default


#set boot command

set boot config-register 0x2102

set boot system flash bootflash:cat4000-k9.8-4-11-GLX.bin



set channelprotocol lacp 2


#port channel

set port lacp-channel 2/45-48 38


#multicast filter

set igmp filter disable


#module 1 : 0-port Switching Supervisor


#module 2 : 50-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet

set port auxiliaryvlan 2/1 untagged

set port protocol 2/1-48 ip auto

set port vtp disable  2/47-48

set cdp disable  2/47-48

set udld enable 2/49

clear trunk 2/1  5-9,11-19,21-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/1  on dot1q 1-4,10,20

clear trunk 2/2  5-9,11-19,21-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/2  on dot1q 1-4,10,20

clear trunk 2/3  5-9,11-19,21-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/3  on dot1q 1-4,10,20

clear trunk 2/4  5-9,11-19,21-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/4  on dot1q 1-4,10,20

clear trunk 2/5  5-9,11-19,21-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/5  on dot1q 1-4,10,20

clear trunk 2/6  5-9,11-19,21-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/6  on dot1q 1-4,10,20

clear trunk 2/7  5-9,11-19,21-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/7  on dot1q 1-4,10,20

clear trunk 2/8  5-9,11-19,21-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/8  on dot1q 1-4,10,20

clear trunk 2/9  1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/9  auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/10 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/10 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/11 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/11 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/12 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/12 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/13 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/13 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/14 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/14 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/15 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/15 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/16 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/16 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/17 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/17 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/18 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/18 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/19 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/19 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/20 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/20 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/21 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/21 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/22 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/22 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/23 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/23 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/24 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/24 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/25 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/25 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/26 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/26 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/27 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/27 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/28 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/28 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/29 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/29 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/30 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/30 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/31 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/31 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/32 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/32 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/33 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/33 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/34 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/34 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/35 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/35 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/36 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/36 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/37 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/37 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/38 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/38 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/39 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/39 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/40 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/40 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/41 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/41 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/42 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/42 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/43 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/43 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/44 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/44 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/45 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/45 auto dot1q

clear trunk 2/46 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/46 auto dot1q

set trunk 2/47 on dot1q 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 2/48 on dot1q 1-1005,1025-4094

set spantree portfast    2/47-50 disable

set spantree bpdu-filter 2/47-48 disable

set spantree bpdu-filter 2/1 enable

set spantree bpdu-guard 2/47-48 disable

set spantree bpdu-guard 2/1 enable

set spantree guard none 2/1-50

set port gvrp     2/1-8,2/47-48  enable

set port lacp-channel 2/47-48 mode active



set gvrp dynamic-vlan-creation enable

set gvrp enable


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Problems configuring LACP Trunk and Multiple trunk routing (CATO

can anybody provide some clarity on why this seems to not be working? as i haven't been able to resolve this myself yet.


Problems configuring LACP Trunk and Multiple trunk routing (CATO

Tal Olin wrote:

can anybody provide some clarity on why this seems to not be working? as i haven't been able to resolve this myself yet.

Erm, I haven't used CatOS in literally more than 10 years, so I could be wrong, but from memory it only does *switching*, not routing.

So your stated problem of no routing of VLAN's between ports is pretty much expected behavior.

You need some form of layer 3 routing device connected to *each* VLAN you want to route between (a multi-port router or layer 3 switch). Do you have such an animal in your network? if not, then there's no way you're going to egt traffic between VLAN's.


Problems configuring LACP Trunk and Multiple trunk routing (CATO


If you are asking about routing between the Vlans- I concur with Darren. These switches are L2 switches.

Your question is why the trunks not passing traffic between both switches on Vlans, then you need to make sure you allowed same vlans on both ends.  Port channel set for port 2/45-48 and in the below config you have  

'clear trunk 2/46 1-1005,1025-4094'. If you want to set the ports 2/47-48 only, then you may consider changing the Port channel ports. This is just my thought only- as I never did LACP between CatOS cisc & non cisco.



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Problems configuring LACP Trunk and Multiple trunk routing (CATO

my mistake i did not mean inter-vlan routing, i have 2 appliances that can manage that aspect of things, the reason for all the trunks though is we're using a vsphere cluster.


Re: Problems configuring LACP Trunk and Multiple trunk routing (

  It looks like you have a port channel setup on 2/45-48  yet trunking is only setup on 2/47-48 .   All ports in the channel must be the same on both ends . Seeing that you are going to a non cisco switch  set all the ports in your trunk hardcoded to "on" , set trunk 2/45-48 nonegotiate" .  The native vlans on each end of the trunk must also match for the trunk to work correctly. 

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Re: Problems configuring LACP Trunk and Multiple trunk routing (

hmm ok just so i understand because i do not have any experience in anything cisco cli related what you're saying here, is the trunks dont enable themselves in their current mode because they try to talk to the other end before doing anything?

i configured the ports as nonegotiate, which helped as now i see the trunks as active with the show trunk command, but for some strange reason the ports still don't seem to be allowing the vlans through

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