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process thrashing- not able find the solution


Could anyone help me with this message on my switch WS-C3750-TS?

SHED-3-THRASHINGProcess thrashing on watched message event

Process= "TTY Background" ipl =6, pid =26

thx for the answer!


Re: process thrashing- not able find the solution

This message doesn't exactly means that there is a problem with your switch or configuration.

These kind of messages all originate when there is a higher load on the device.

Since the display of this error is purely cosmetic, there is no impact on performance at all, except for the higher load that caused this error.

Here is some additional information from the Cisco Bug Toolkit that explains the origin of the message:

"Unfortunately, some queues are length-limited, meaning that if the router gets very busy, the queues always stay at the maximum. As a result, the thrashing code in the scheduler gets confused and thinks that these queues have not been handled. The thrashing code has determined that the process which was supposed to handle the queue was not doing its job and prints the thrashing message.

The scheduler has been changed in later Cisco IOS software code. To keep track of whether the queues have been changed (so it can better determine whether or not the process is thrashing), the scheduler now notes whenever an item is removed from the queue, and only prints the thrashing message if nothing gets removed for a while."

My conclusion:

you could try to upgrade the switch software if it is outdated, if it is a newer version of software: keep the software and ignore the messages. You should contact Cisco TAC if you _do_ experience performance problems directly from the origin of the message.

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