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Proper way to connect Patch Panel to Switch

I have one 24 port filly loaded patch panel (ports are arranged in a single row) and one SF300-24 port switch (arranged in 2 rows, each of 12 ports) and I want to connect them.

Now the connections from the PC would reach the back-side of patch panel(RJ45 on PC side, connected to the keystone behind patch panel).

Switch is mounted just below the patch panel. Patch cords will connect to front of patch panel to front of switch(RJ45 on both ends).


(1) Please verify if what I wrote above regarding the connectivity is correct.

(2) In patch panel there is a single row of 24 ports. If switch were also like that, the patch cords would have been symmetrically arranged(one patch panel port would just be above one switch port).

But, in reality the switch has 2 rows of 12 ports. Now how the patch cords should be arranged. I am looking both, industry standard and beauty.

Can anyone please provide a link (with pics) on how it should be arranged. If anyone happens to have this setup, please take a pic and put it here.

I want to learn proper and standardized way of doing it.

Thanks in advance.

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Proper way to connect Patch Panel to Switch

Usually, a 24 port copper patch panel has 3 sections and each section has 8 ports.  When facing the patch panel, take the right side 12 ports from the PP and use the right side wire management and connect them to the 12 ports located on the right side of your switch.  Do the same for the left side 12 ports.  Make sure to dress the cables from PP to switch nicely using Velcro.


Re: Proper way to connect Patch Panel to Switch

Get the shortest cables that will fit, them attach port one to panel one, port two to panel two, etc. matching the numbers is the easiest way to manage.

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Proper way to connect Patch Panel to Switch

Hi Jeff and Reza

Thanks for replying. I can make some sense out of what you are trying to convey.

I was actually searching for a pic that could show me exactly how to arrange cables but could not find any good pic.

What I saw was that from patch panel front, the cable goes into a horizonal clip (horizonal cable manager ?) either side ways.

At the switch side also there was one horizonal clip and from bottom (side ways the cable goes into the switch)

I dont know if you guys understand what I wrote

But I wanna "see" the exact way.

Can you guys please provide me any PIC or any way to demonstrate.

The 9U rack will host 2 switches and 2 patch panels.

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