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Proposed Radio Link Solution?

I wonder if someone can assist with the solution I am looking to implement. We are having a new radio link which will connect one of our remote sites back to head office (Kensington). The radio links terminate at the remote end on a 1Gbps which is a WS-C2950G-24-EI. The Kensington also terminates on a 1Gbps port on a 6509 switch. Just want to check if the solution I have proposed is viable.

I have created a VLAN82 on the 6509 end and made the switch port Gi2/46 member of the VLAN. The remote end I am not too sure about. The corp1r001 fa0/0 connects to the corp1sw02 switch on fa0/1 and is on a flat VLAN1 users are also on VLAN1. Also on corp1r001 I have created a sub-interface on fa0/1 as fa0/1.82 and using encapsulation dot1q with the specified IP address. I have then connected that to fa0/24 on corp1sw02 and made that port a member of VLAN82. I have also made gi0/2 on corp1sw02 a member of VLAN82 also. Will this work or will there be issues because both the routers interfaces are connected to the same switch? Any feedback and suggestions are most appreciated.


Dilip Ratna


Re: Proposed Radio Link Solution?

Your scenario are looking wise good. There is no any issue for both routers interface are connected to the same switch. it will work.

For the further detail for the VLAN configuration follow the URL :

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