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Purchase New Routers


We want to order new cisco routers 1921 with IOS-Security software. as I searched cisco website, I could not find the info needed.  on the website it is written-



Cisco IOS universal Image (No Payload Encryption) for 1941, 1921


Can any one tell me what exact SKU or part-number I should order to have IOS-Security software on Cisco router 1921 ?

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Some IOS Security commands

Some IOS Security commands are enabled by default, but if you need Advanced Security you can purchase the onw below:

Security License for Cisco 19xx 


Here is a Table that shows what you need based on the feature you implement:

When you see "Security Technology Package License" listed among one of your needed features, it means that you need to buy: SL-19-SEC-K9

Table 1. Security License Requirements for Cisco 1900, 2900, and 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers




License Required

Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), NetFlow, Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR), access control lists (ACLs), Cisco IOS Flexible Packet Matching (FPM), 802.1x, and Cisco IOS Network Foundation Protection

None (available in base image)

Standard IP Security (IPSec), Group Encrypted Transport VPN, Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), Easy VPN and Enhanced Easy VPN, Virtual Tunnel Interface (VTI), Multi-Virtual Route Forwarding (VRF) Customer Edge (CE) (IPSec, firewall, and IPS), IPSec high availability, Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall, advanced application inspection and control, firewall for secure unified communications, VRF-aware firewall, firewall high availability, transparent firewall, Cisco IOS IPS, transparent IPS, VRF-aware IPS, secure provisioning and digital certificates, and Cisco IOS Certificate Server and Client

Security Technology Package License


Security Technology Package License + SSLVPN Feature License

Cisco IOS Content Filtering

Security Technology Package License + Content Filtering Subscription License

Cisco IOS IPS Subscription Service

Security Technology Package License +

IPS Service

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Hi Waheed123, i see that you

Hi Waheed123, i see that you are looking at the ISR 1921 with IOS-Security software, you may check this link: For further assistance to make sure you purchase the right part number, feel free to message or contact me directly. Hope this helps!:)

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Thanks for the info, but I

Thanks for the info, but I need Security-Firewall Features available on the Cisco 1921.

I think I should go with the following part-numbers which has Universal IOS. please give me your comments




Cisco IOS universal Image for 1921


is it the correct part-number, please let me know to process my order

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I remember when I first was

I remember when I first was challenged with ordering equipment - this should be easy - NOPE!  It can be a cumbersome task going through the diverse Cisco website....but at least the information is there.  It's just a matter of finding it...


This is just my experience; I'm sure there are other ways.  When looking for SKUs, I've gotten into the habit of doing a Google search for the so-called ordering guide; for instance, "Cisco 1900 ordering guide".  That usually gets me to a lengthy page of details including the SKUs, descriptions, and some general non-technical directions on choosing the right ones.  In this case:


The S19NPEK9-15014M appears to just be a universal software image and nothing else.  In your case, you already mention the official SKU CISCO1921/K9.  The advanced security license is indeed required in your case and Ruggero mentions the license SKU of SL-19-SEC-K9 which also makes sense.  So those two would have to be ordered.  But alternatively as I always do, Cisco has some predone bundles on that same webpage to simplify things for some (not all) purchases.
CISCO1921/K9  +  SL-19-SEC-K9  =  CISCO1921-SEC/K9


When I'm ordering any 19, 29, or 39 hundred series for advanced security reasons, I'm typically requesting CISCO1921-SEC/K9.  Note too that my info only applies if you need a system that fully supports the payload cryptography.  In your first posting, the SKU mentions "No Payload Encryption".  Of course, most of us require cryptography.  If your situation is different, then we'll need to reconsider.


Hope this helps you!


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Hello, I accept what you are

Hello, I accept what you are saying.

But if I go with  CISCO1921/K9 + S19UK9-15014M   doesn't it equals to  CISCO1921-SEC/K9  ????

Instead of this SKU (SL-19-SEC-K9) , I want to order  (S19UK9-15014M)


Please correct me



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If you already have the

If you already have the Router then you just buy SL-19-SEC-K9 to add the Security license to the Universal IOS.

If you did not order anything yet, then you have to order CISCO1921-SEC/K9 that includes the Router and the Security License for the Universal IOS.

If you buy CISCO1921/K9 and S19UK9-15014M you are just buying the Router with the standard IOS Universal image supporting cryptography.

That does not give you any advanced Security feature and you will need to also add the SL-19-SEC-K9 in order to get the added Security features that you need.

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Waheed, I second all that

Waheed, I second all that Ruggero states.  Just to add onto it to help any reduce confusion.  You continue to mention SKUs for the base universal images.  Cisco explicitly states in that ordering guide, "Cisco ISR G2 routers ship with a universal Cisco IOS Software image".  Without that, the unit won't even boot up of course.  I don't believe it really clearly states which one of the two universal images types is the default, however.  But I believe it is always assumed that most organizations require a cryptography-based router.  Therefore, when any 1921 hardware is ordered, that base universal image S19UK9-15014M that you mention automatically comes with it.  So don't even worry about having to specify it.


NOTE:  Only in the rare scenario where cryptography is NOT allowed for some political reason, then the NPE/No Payload Encryption universal image should be specially requested (ie. S19NPEK9-15014M) plus any special licensing on top of that such as the NPE/No Payload Encryption security license (ie. SL-19-SECNPE-K9).  Though keep in mind how it states that some of the security license's advanced security features won't be available in an NPE-based router which certainly make sense.


CISCO1921/K9  +  SL-19-SEC-K9
or just the security bundle


CISCO1921/K9  +  S19NPEK9-15014M  +  SL-19-SECNPE-K9


Waheed, I want you to feel comfortable in what you order.  It would be an uneasy feeling to receive a shipment that turns out to be incomplete / wrong.  So based off of Ruggero's and my experience, I hope the little above summary can take you to the next step.  Good luck!


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