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Q-in-Q Vs DHCP

I have a set up where I am looping back 3 vlans from an access switch back to same access switch.

3 vlans comes out as a trunk, I pick them up as an q-in-q access vlan which I then carry all the way to leat that is the idea. the goal is to be able to emulate remote customers and monitor services from remote access switches as if we are actually sitting there.

now comes the issue, on all services we rely on DHCP and requests are hitting the servers on even the relay with is configured as SVI on access switch.

sniffer confirms requests are sent.

On the access switch I am using PVLANs and could not see any restrictions with regards to combining PVLANs with Q-in-Q.

If however I assign an address manually on my PC for internet service, it all works as expected. so the actual VLAN path is good.

both ends of Q-in-Q are access ports.

Any pointers appreciated !




Re: Q-in-Q Vs DHCP

I trunked the primary VLANs instead of isolated ones and it works as expected.

There must be a limitation when using PVLAN Vlan tunneling setup.

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