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qos between 2911/K9 and 2960

Helo, i would like some help .... how to configure a QOS service for a Microsoft Lync software.

I need set up preference for the lync traffic in my switch, router and between trunk in both side.

I Have two ADSL as uplink

More informations about my scenario:

one router 2911/K9

Cisco IOS Software, C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(2)T1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

one switch 2960

Cisco IOS Software, C2960 Software (C2960-LANBASEK9-M), Version 12.2(50)SE5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

I already all my vlan configured, in the router and switch and they are routed on router's sub-interfaces.

I need to know how configure the QOS, and where i need to apply this rules. (on switch access ports, switch trunk ports, router trunk ports, router WAN ports) ?


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qos between 2911/K9 and 2960

Lync itself is a signalling server. It is not involved into media streaming in general. Do you mean that you need to prioritize signalling (SIP) or you realli need to guarantee QoS for media traffic? If so, I think you may implement standard schema of QoSing. You need to put "colors" onto your traffic with a switch-based QoS methods and then - use LLQ on a router for voice prioritizing.

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qos between 2911/K9 and 2960

exactly i need guarantee the lync's traffic with QoS priority.

I would need using a QoS based on ACL for the port used by the lync ?

I dont know what is the LLQ. i will search.


qos between 2911/K9 and 2960

LLQ is Low-Latency Queuing. It is a good place for voice traffic. But if you wish to guarantee some QoS for Lync, I think it wouldn't be voice. It would be SIP or something alike. And yes - it is a good decision to use ACL-based QoS on a switch for traffic differentiation.

Re: qos between 2911/K9 and 2960


You can classify your lync traffic using ACL. When you say preference, it would mean during the time of congestion, you would have a guarenteed + Prioritized BW available for the lync traffic.

Perform the appropriate Queueing on your 2960 switches, place Lync traffic in the priority Q  (NOTE : if you have voice traffic, then this is not the preferred way).

On your router, you can have the LLQ (Low Latency Queuing) with some priority BW for your Lync Traffic.

Also, LLQ or CBWFQ can only be applied on the outbound direction. So, you need to apply this to your sub-interfaces.



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