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QoS configuration on 4503

hi mates :)

I'll appreciate any help about below described problem;

Customer asked me to implement QOS on his 4503 switches.

- it is a simple Layer 2 network without VLANs.

- two 4503 switches are connected to each other using etherchannel

- some computers(hosts) are directly connected to 4503s, some computers are connected to 4503s through unmanaged L2 switches.

- hosts are running solaris and QOS is implemented on hosts by the customer. (

- customer wants to assign priority to packets according to which port they are coming from.( udp port 110 top priority, tcp port 120 second priority etc.)

anybody can help me how to configure 4503 switch to meet the above specified requirements? how to enable Qos on 4503, which commands should I use?

thanks in advance for helping

Community Member

Re: QoS configuration on 4503

What is the QoS for? Is it just to prioritize traffic between the two switches, or is it to prioritize traffic headed outside of this LAN(internet?).

Doing QoS on a highspeed LAN(when voice/video doesn't seem to come into play) is typically unnecessary.

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