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Qos for different customers on corporate switch


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Re: Qos for different customers on corporate switch


Is it mainly on the WAN you want to limit the bandwidth ? If so simply use MQC on the ISR2921 router and use access-lists to match the customer IP addresses, assign a class for each customer and then use a policy map on the WAN interface of the 2921 to allocate bandwidth per customer.

If you don't mind one customer getting more bandwidth than it's allocated amount as long as that bandwidth is available then that should do it. If you want to limit the customer to a specified bandwidth whether or not there is extra bandwidth available then you need to look at shaping/policing as well.

Note though that if you want to preserve this allocaton across the MPLS cloud you will need to have agreed with the MPLS provider as to what CoS values are available and there may well be more customers than CoS values so you may have to share CoS values between customers.


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Qos for different customers on corporate switch

Yes that is correct, i want Bandwidth limit on the WAN network.

But you mention to use access-list to match customer IP addresses. This is not possible in our case, as we dont know the IP addressing of the third party customers, and we want to avoid getting into this headache. Is there a better way of matching each customer traffic, without knowing what traffic or ip addresses/mac-addresses are sending the traffic. Can we do it by matching their Vlan on the ISR? what other ways are there besides matching on each vlan?

Also you mentioned assign a class to each customer and then allocate bandwith on each customer queue  which i take it will be on the outbound interface. Instead can I just police on the incoming interface of the ISR2921 for each customer making sure they dont exceed the contracted rate. I believe this is the way ISP do it.

Also if I police in the inbound for each customer vlan on the ISR, then in that case do I still need to do bandwidth queuing on the oubound interface towards the WAN? I know I need to do traffic shapping on the Outbound interface of ISR2921 as the access link is a 100mb link but the contracted MPLS bandwidth is 10mb. So i will shape down to 10mb. BUT.. do I still need to do queuing along with traffic shapping ?

Regarding MPLS provider, do I need to set Cos values on the outbound interface towards the MPLS WAN provider as traffic leaves my network? I am discussing the CoS values assigned by Provider, but where do I configure these CoS values? Also I take it the MPLS provider will convert the CoS values to MPLS Experimental bits?

Sorry for the many questions...Your help will be much appreciated..

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Qos for different customers on corporate switch

please can someone take a few minutes to help

...will be much appreciated.

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