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QoS on Cisco 2950 Switch


I am trying to configure QoS on the 2950 switch with IOS version c2950-i6q4l2-tar.121-22.EA10a. I do not have the mls qos, class-map, policy map and other qos comand available. The configuration guide says I should be able to turn on Auto QoS for ths switch model, but that command is not available.

The only commands that I can issue are the interface command mls qos trust, and the global wrr-queue cos-map commands

I am trying to turn on QoS, set TOS = 184 and DSCP=46 for a traffic class.

How can I do this when I am unble to classify or mark the traffic?

Thanks in advance


Re: QoS on Cisco 2950 Switch

Hi Paul :

All the commands that you are talking about are available on the EMI version switch. Could you please let me know what is the part # for the 2950 that you have . Most likely what you have is an SMI version , which has only a subset of qos commands available.



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Re: QoS on Cisco 2950 Switch

Hey Salman,

Model Number is the WS-C2950-24. Is this switch limited to running only the SMI only?

As the image I put in is the C2950

EI AND SI IOS IMAGE AND WEB BASED DEVICE MANAGER (c2950-i6q4l2-tar.121-22.EA10a.tar)


Re: QoS on Cisco 2950 Switch

They all run the same image but it is smart enough to know what switch it is and will only enable the features for that particular switch. I believe if you do a show version it will tell you if it is an SMI or an EMI switch in the description field. There is no way to upgrade that if it is a SMI switch.

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Re: QoS on Cisco 2950 Switch


Looks like they have the standard switch

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