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Qos Policy and VLANs

I want to give internet access to each one of the 10 VLANs of a building.

Can i have a VLAN trunk between the router and the switch, applying a policy map to each vlan (for bandwidth control)?

if not, how can this be done?


Re: Qos Policy and VLANs

There will be little use in restricting bandwidth after it has traversed your Internet connection.

Dropping packets there (due to policing) will result in retransmission of the same data and slowing everything down.

I suggest that you consider implementing best effort instead or use multiple Internet connections for the various groups of users.



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Re: Qos Policy and VLANs

The need is to limit internet usage to the users of each VLAN.

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Re: Qos Policy and VLANs

How this can be done is dependent on the features of your equipment. In principle, placing a shaper of policer in the path will limit the Internet bandwidth to your users.

Do you want to limit bandwidth both in and out? If so, likely you need at least two active policies.

Also note, if you limit inbound Internet bandwidth after it's already entered your network, the restriction won't be as effective at limiting the bandwidth before it crosses your Internet link.

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