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QoS Policy on 1 Mbps Leased Line

hi all,

i have a lease line with an ISP on a branch office and it always gets congested due to high downloading stuff. i thinking of setting QoS on this link. can anyone advise what is the minimum discouraging data file size (or policed) that should be avoided given our access speed is only 1 Mbps and 30 workstations here.


Re: QoS Policy on 1 Mbps Leased Line

Hi John

Basically you need to profile the traffic which is currently utilizing the leased line, you need to make sure what kinda traffic is present on the leased line.

Best tool would be to enable netflow on the wan interface and you can either manually identify using the port nos or use some freeware tools to profile the traffic.

If you already know the kinda applications being accessed over the link then you can easily police all the available traffic or rate limit only the troublesome application traffic.


Re: QoS Policy on 1 Mbps Leased Line


thanks! i'll try to observe this link for a while before i apply any policy maps. i read somewhere that there's a ratio or best practice in applying this. i hope someone can provide me any link as a guide in setting this up.

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