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QoS questions


do you think is possible to transport over a backbone (with VRF for multiple customer) a specific QoS for a specific customer?

i'll explain:

(customerA network1) -- customerA CPE -- PE -- (P backbone) -- PE -- customerA CPE -- (customerA network2)

so i've got specific QoS in customer A network1 and i need to trasport in customerA network2 but also to manipulate traffic in my backbone....

do you think is possible?



of course i need to set priprity

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Re: QoS questions

You might want to experiment with QPPB (QoS Propagation using BGP). Admittedly, I've never tried this, but I've read *somewhere* that you can propagate QoS classification via BGP (carried as BGP standard community, I think). Since you're talking about VRF, I assume that you're running MPLS in the backbone? Should be fairly straight-forward to combine QPPB with MPLS, since you would already be running (MP)BGP. You just have to make sure you're sending both standard and extended communities between your PE routers.

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Re: QoS questions

thk a lot!

i've red something about....but can i manipulate indipendently at egress interface of CPE sono attribute?

so that i can handle traffic on backbone as i want and with QPPB transport customer QoS?


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Re: QoS questions

Oh boy... I'm guessing that you should be able to. My (very limited) understanding of QPPB is that the QoS PHBs are translated into BGP standard community at ingress PE router, while the egress PE router will perform the process in reverse, i.e. translating the QPPB back into "normal" QoS PHBs (i.e. DSCP, IP Prec, or whatever). Hence, at egress, you'll get the usual DSCP/IP Prec/whatever that you can perform the appropriate action on at the egress interface to your customer

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