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QOS rate limit problem !

hi ,

im trying to implement QOS  ,  just rate limiting the traffic .

i have total bw 700 M , and i want to limit the traffic to 600 M  ." units in Bit per second "

im talking about download traffic not the upload .


my interface is Gi1/5


i configured the policymap  but it didnt  make any limits

i doubt from the values that i put in the policy map , it may need to me put with another method !   " not sure "


here is my config :

Gateway7600#sh policy-map drvirus

  Policy Map drvirus

    Class drvirus

     police cir 600000000 bc 18750000

       conform-action transmit

       exceed-action drop


Gateway7600#sh class-map drvirus

Class Map match-all drvirus (id 4)

   Match access-group name  drvirus


Gateway7600#sh ip access-lists drvirus

Extended IP access list drvirus

    20 permit ip any any (2454116 matches)


Gateway7600#sh running-config interface gigabitEthernet 1/5

Building configuration...

Current configuration : 256 bytes


interface GigabitEthernet1/5

description 7600to7200

mac-address 503d.e5af.9c45

ip address

ip wccp 70 redirect in

ip wccp 90 redirect in

load-interval 30

service-policy input drvirus



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