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QoS Sample configuration: Catalyst 6500-E

Dear Experts,


I'm looking for sample configuration documents for configuring QoS on Sup2T with IOS 15.1 SY.

Cuold you point me to appropriate documents please.



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Hi,Here is good document on


Here is good document on Sup-2T QOS architecture


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Hi From the above URL The



From the above URL


The PFC3-based mls qos global command is replaced with the auto qos default global command, which is used for enabling QoS just at the port level and not at the PFC level

7.2 Default State of Port Level QoS


My question is

Auto QoS is CoS based. We require the ports (uplink ports) to possibly pass DSCP transperently, that is possibly received from access switches. How could this be acheived. Sample QoS configurations, for 6500-E, sup2T, ios15.1SY would be greatley appriciated.

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Port is configurable with QoS

Port is configurable with QoS service policy.

Unable to configure VLAN with QoS service policy.

interface Vlan112
 ip address

6506E-2T(config)#int vlan 112
6506E-2T(config-if)#service-policy type lan-queuing input INGRESS-1P7Q2T

  HQM not supported interface Vlan112MQC features are not supported for this interface

Anyone come accross this please?

platform qos vlan-based is not available in config listing.

(config)#platform qos ?
  10g-only           qos pure 10G mode
  aggregate-policer  Named aggregate policer
  marking            marking keyword
  police             police keyword
  protocol           protocol keyword
  queueing-only      queueing-only (no QoS rewrite,  no policing)
  rewrite            packet qos rewrite enable/disable
  service-policy     global policy map name
  statistics-export  qos statistics data export

Testing on 6506-E, Sup2T, IOS15.1SY.



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I've also used the following

I've also used the following documents to prepare the configs.


I have questions on when to set auto QoS, how to ensure DSCP is read, when physical interface (TE1/1) is applied with service policy, What happens to many VLANs (some with L3and others with L2 at switch level). etc...

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6506-E, Sup2T, IOS 15.1(1)SY1

6506-E, Sup2T, IOS 15.1(1)SY1

What are the Show commands to identify

What QoS markings arrive at the ingress port on core 6500-E
What QoS markings set on egress port on core 6506-E
What happen to CoS markings on egress? on ingress?

How to set a port to trust DSCP? and confirm this?
What happens to a traffic marked with Cos that arrives on a DSCP trust port?

I'm trying to utlise these sh commands too.
show platform qos, and show queueing interface tengigabitethernet 1/1

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