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QoS to guarantee bandwidth on ESW-540 8p?


I´ve bought an ESW-540 8-port switch for my client. The reason being their ISP does not prioritize traffic on the ports of their switch. The uplink (port 9) on the ESW-540 is now connected to port 1 on the ISP´s switch, which provides 20+20 mbps.

Now, the client has a box that receives a realtime video stream over UDP from a remote location.

This box is connected to port 2 and has its own public IP.

The rest of the network is connected to port 1, where a gateway device (Safe@Office 500) sits on the other public IP.

What we need is to be able to guarantee that port 2 gets 10 mbps no-delay bandwidth when needed.

Port 1 can get whatever´s left. So whenever there´s no video stream, port 1 will get the full 20 mbps.

How can I best guarantee this situation for my client? (The video stream is 7 mbps, btw.. Just want to be sure..)


Bjørn from Norway

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