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We have MPLS link provided and supported by the vendor. Provider-managed CE router connects to our core switch - Gig port where as the speed of the link is only 100Mb. Since switch port is Gig, it will never signal congestion to invoke queueing/dropping. What s the solution to this problem ?


Re: QOS: WAN Link


wahat is the problem here? I guess since u have 100 MB of link, there arent going to be any drops on the hardware or software queue.. if the router is able to switch the packets coming to it to the outgoin interface, i dont think u really need qos.. just remember one thing.. ISP can give u a 100 MB link, but confirm from them if they are not doing any shaping on that.. if they do some kinda shaping (to say 5 MB), then u can have bandwidth constraints. in that aspect, if u are using both voice and data, go for LLQ, which is the best recommended technology in QOS.

hope this helps.. all the best.. rate replies if found useful..



Re: QOS: WAN Link

You can try traffic shaping that limit your bandwidth to 100Mbps too to avoid packet dropped by the SP.

Check below for info. :

Hope this helps.

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Re: QOS: WAN Link

Queueing kicks in only when the interface is congested. In my case, the interface is Gig and trafic will never be that much, so queuing not kick in. Any solutions will be appreciated..


Re: QOS: WAN Link

I would suggest that you implement NBAR off the layer 3 interface that faces your provider. Take note of the protocols that are traveling to the remote end. Once you have a good idea of the traffic then classify the protocols. Then apply them to policy-maps. Then apply them to the interface. You need to know if your provider is using QOS on the MPLS link. If so, then get their configuration on what queuing methods and classification values they are using. This way you can place your traffic in the appropriate classes and policies to match them. Of course you need to do the same thing on the remote end...This way you should be aboe to police your traffic accordingly and restrict what you want and allow what you want....

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