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query regarding enabling cisco SNMP..

helo all,

i have an orion npm that is connected to my network.. and i want that all of my devices will send snpm to the orion npm.. will i need to configure the switches and router for SNMP Support? will i need to hardcode in the switches and router the snmp commands?? thanks


query regarding enabling cisco SNMP..


you'll need the SNMP community string configured on your devices.

advisable to use read-only access and tag an ACL.

(config)#snmp-server community

query regarding enabling cisco SNMP..

hi johnlloyd,

what will i put in the int the portion? can you give me an example? or does the one you code above is already the one hardcoded in the cli?


Re: query regarding enabling cisco SNMP..


the string is like a password. both the IOS device and NMS (orion) must use the same string.

a sample would be as below:

Router(config)#snmp-server community mystring ro

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Re: query regarding enabling cisco SNMP..


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As the other posters have noted, you define a SNMP community to allow SNMP queries against your host.  Besides the community value, which acts as a password, you might want to define an ACL to limit what other hosts may query your host.

Also, you may be able to configure your Cisco device to SNMP trap (or inform) another host when certain events happen.

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