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Question about EIGRP summary route and its Leak-Map

I have two sites A and B as the following:


| |

| |

Site A ------------ Site B

Site A routing: OSPF area 1 internally, OSPF area 0 with Site B. EIGRP into WAN.

Site B routing: OSPF area 2 internally, OSPF area 0 with Site A. EIGRP into WAN.

Routing requirement is WAN as the primary route for A to reach B and vice versa, and the backdoor link as backup.

Both sites have OSPF intra-area and external routes. When those routes are redistributed into EIGRP, they become EIGPR external routes when received by the other site. EIGRP external has higher administrative distance than OSPF routes via the backdoor link.

I have tried EIGRP summary routes and OSPF inter-area summarization. But the problem is OSPF "area range" command don't handle A or B's OSPF external routes. I'm thinking about the following two tricks. Can someone tell me if it works?

Option 1: if site A has an OSPF External route as, the route will be redistributed into EIGRP to be sent into WAN. I can add a EIGRP summary route as itself. Because EIGRP summary route is carried as administrative distance 90, this make site B prefers the route coming from WAN over the OSPF from backdoor link.

Site A#

interface <WAN>

ip summary-address eigrp 1

Can a route be summarized to itself?

Option 2: use Leak-map in EIGRP summary route configuration to let leak into the WAN cloud:

Site A#

interface <WAN>

ip summary-address eigrp 1 leak-map OSPF-External

route-map OSPF-External permit 10

match ip address 10

access-list 10 permit

Is the leaked router still carried as administrative distance 90?

Thanks a lot for any help


Re: Question about EIGRP summary route and its Leak-Map

i would say don't use summary routing

the best option for your case is the use of distance command

in bothe rWAN router add the following caommand under ospf process

distance ospf external 171

this way all the EIGRP external route will be prefered over OSPF external routes becuase now ospf external route AD will be 171 which is higher than external eigrp 170

good luck

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New Member

Re: Question about EIGRP summary route and its Leak-Map

I can't use "distance" command because I also have a default route as OSPF external route. The primary default route need to stay local, not from the WAN. "distance" command changes all external routes.


Re: Question about EIGRP summary route and its Leak-Map

in this case do it like this

ip prefix-list list1 deny

ip prefix-list list1 permit le 32

route-map map1

match ip address prefix list1

router ospf 1

distance ospf exxternal 171

router eigrp [as number]

redistribute ospf 1 metris 1 1 1 1 1 route-map map1

in this way you will still use the distance comand and prefer external eigrp over your WAN link

and at the same time you filter out the default route from being redistributed from ospf to eigrp

this will keep the default route local to ospf only as you want

good luck

Re: Question about EIGRP summary route and its Leak-Map

have you tried the solution i have given above ?